Our Services

Web Applications

The web is everywhere and web applications have come a long way since basic web and e-commerce sites. Not only can web applications provide a great portal for you clients but even internal systems can benefit from being web based. Easy of deployment, remote access and the ability to run on almost any device are some of the main benefits. Tabram Software Development can build web applications that are responsive, modern and easy to use. We can develop using Microsoft ASP.Net and it associated frameworks such as MVC and Web API. We also use Javascript frameworks such as Vue, Angular and Knockout where necessary to create functionally rich applications.


Windows Applications

Windows systems are still widely used in business and creating applications for Windows still has lots of benefits. They’re fast, quicker to develop and are often easier to integrate with other software applications that you may have. We have been building Windows applications for 20 years and currently use Microsoft C# .Net, Windows Forms and WPF. Almost all business applications require a database to store and maintain you data. We will work with almost any DBMS and can provide systems built with MS SQL, My SQL and Sqlite.


Windows Server Services and Integration

If you have processes that you would like to run at regular intervals or on a continuous basis then a Windows service could provide huge cost savings. Importing of data such as orders, integrating two (or more) of your systems together or generating business data for reports and BI are some of the benefits of a Windows service. We specialise in integrating systems together and have worked with many over the years such a Magento, nopCommerce, WordPress, Exchequer, Sage and Linnworks among others.